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Welcome To POGGE's Psychotronic Pages! At this point you find a picture gallery with more than 100 album covers from my collection. I have 200-300 "new entries" lined up, but since I am always short of time I don't know when there will be a proper update. Most of the descriptions are still missing and some pictures are really low-quality - but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Kick ma'!

Talk about demented covers...

Could this studio project from 1977 be the missing link between the BEE GEES and THE RESIDENTS?! (You have heard about this theory, don't you?)
"Space Woman" combines a voice like the Gibb brothers (but completely distorted) with spacey guitar effects over a groovy disco beat.
Also be sure to check out the flip "Green Creature" with it's eerie B 52's-style vox.

[7". 1977. Bellaphon BF 18569.]

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